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Extension & Transfer of Technology Division

Wisma Tani, Level 3, Podium 1,
Block Tower 4G2, Precinct 4,
Federal Government Administration Centre,

03-8870 4413

03-8870 4551

Extension & Transfer of Technology Division

  1. Dissemination and delivery of fishery information to fishermen, operators and the fisheries industry.
  2. Development of food industry and fishery product innovations.
  3. Development of fishermen communities through resources management activities and local economic activities.
  4. Transfer of modern technology to target groups such as fishermen, entrepreneurs and the fishery industry.
  5. Extension Services in the marine, inland fisheries, aquaculture and food industry sectors.
  6. Strengthening the skills of target groups to entrepreneurs and the fishery industry.
  7. Dissemination of promotions and information.

Extension & Fisheries Community Branch

  1. Supervise and coordinate the extension service system of the Department of Fisheries Malaysia.
  2. Supervise and coordinate the department’s extension service support programme through the fisheries community (myKP) and individual (KJP) approach with the target group, breeders and fisheries operators.
  3. Supervise, coordinate and obtain feedback on current issues in fisheries through engagement programmes implemented at the field level with the department’s target group to the department’s superiors for remedial action.
  4. Supervise, coordinate, plan and evaluate fisheries extension service programmes implemented at the state and district levels to the fishery community.
  5. Supervise, coordinate and implement the iPP (Fisheries Extension Integration) methodology to extension staff for the strengthening, monitoring, evaluation and audit of fisheries community programmes.
  6. Supervise and coordinate fisheries development support services programmes to target groups.
  7. Supervise and implement the Special Fishermen’s Housing Project (PKPN) under the Inland Fishermen’s Housing Project (PPND).
  8. Supervise, plan and coordinate target group transformation programmes through extension services approach such as interaction events, awareness campaigns, technology transfer briefings, conventions, workshops, seminars and demonstrations.
  9. Supervise and implement subsistence allowance programmes and socio-economic studies of inland fishermen. Implement a New Technology pilot project based on an ecosystem & volunteerism approach.

Promotion & Information Branch

  1. Supervise, coordinate and implement the Department’s exhibition and promotion programmes to ensure that the target group and the public obtain the Department’s information.
  2. To plan and supervise the procurement and printing of Departmental Publications to ensure that staff, target groups and the public obtain information from the Department.
  3. Provide the expertise of Photographers, Audio Visual Equipment and Printed Materials to Ministries/ Agencies/ State Offices, including the private sector for exhibition preparation, publication of printed materials and electronic media related to the fishing industry.

Innovation & Entrepreneur Development Branch

  1. Supervise and coordinate fisheries technology transfer and innovation activities.
  2. Coordinate and implement fisheries entrepreneur development programmes.
  3. Coordinate technical skills strengthening programmes in and outside the country.
  4. Coordinate activities to strengthen the Fisheries Technology Development Centre & Incubator Centre of the Department of Fisheries.
  5. Supervise and implement the Insitu Demonstration Programme and the Industry Exposure Programme.
  6. Implement technology transfer workshops and seminars.
  7. Provide advisory and technical services on new technologies to the target group.
  8. Conduct experimentation and adaptation of technology & innovation.
  9. Coordinate entrepreneur development programmes under MAFI such as Young Agropreneur Programme, Agrotourism, CUP and HIP Food Industry Matching Grant and Rezeki Tani.