Fisheries Biosecurity Division

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Fisheries Biosecurity Division

Wisma Tani, Level 2, Podium 2,
Block Tower 4G2, Precinct 4,
Federal Government Administration Centre,

03-8870 4606

03-8890 3794

Fish and Public Health Branch

  1. To plan, prepare, evaluate and update biosecurity policies related to the management and control of fish health and public health.
  2. Supervise, implement and update the implementation of official fish health and public health control programmes through fish disease surveillance programmes and food safety monitoring.
  3. Provide recommendations, notifications and reports at the internal, national and international levels (OIE/NACA etc.) related to fish health and public health.
  4. Meet the needs of importing countries for the purpose of exporting fish and fish products from the aspect of fish health control and public health.
  5. To plan, implement and encourage public participation through education/awareness programmes, training and briefings related to fish health management and public health.
  6. Collaborate with public agencies for the implementation of monitoring and surveillance programmes as well as develop fish health and public health management systems.

Standard and Laboratory Services Branch

  1. Provide laboratory analysis services from the aspects of fish health and public health.
  2. Coordinate services and analysis in laboratories, human resource development and organization to ensure smooth operations.
  3. Develop and implement standards, SOPs, regulations and biosecurity policies for fish and fish products at the domestic and international levels.
  4. Collect, coordinate and update standards at the domestic and international levels related to fish health and public health.

Audit, Certification and CITES Branch

  1. To plan, coordinate, and recommend the MyGAP Fisheries Biosecurity Certification Scheme Programme:
    • Hygiene on Board (HOB)
    • Fish Quality Certificate (FQC)
    • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Fish Feed/Fishmeal Factories
    • Oversea Fish Hatchery Centre
    • To plan and monitor development programmes and skills strengthening of fisheries biosecurity auditors.
  2. To plan and coordinate procedures for the issuance of fish export certificates and fish products
    • Live Fish Health Certificate
    • Health Certificate (Notification of Disease Free for Fish Products)
    • Certificate of Origin of Live Fish
    • Certificate of Origin of Non-Preference Fish and Fish Produce
    • To plan, coordinate, manage certification and regulation as the CITES Fisheries Management Authority of Peninsular Malaysia.